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Rickie Lee Jones

The Magazine (1984)




Rickie Lee Jones

  1.   Prelude to Gravity (RLJ)
  2.   Gravity (RLJ)
  3.   Juke Box Fury (RLJ)
  4.   It Must Be Love (RLJ)
  5.   Magazine (RLJ)
  6.   The Real End (RLJ)
  7.   Deep Space (RLJ)
  8.   Runaround (RLJ)
  9.   Roschachs: Theme For The Pope
      (Bernardi / RLJ / Bergman)

  10. A. The Unsigned Painting (RLJ )
    B. The Weird Beast (RLJ)




There are wounds that stir up the force of gravity;

a cold that will wipe the hope from your eyes.

Young girl standing underneath the “L” train

Standing there, watching the trains go by...

You think that nobody knows where you are, girl

You think that nobody knows how this feels

Alone, in a world of your own, there you are girl

The small things float to the top of Gravity Gravity

I’m telling you where it is:



We walk in easy snakes

through the toulette rattling of the ethyl

and now the arson smell of moon

polishes a newsstand

They empty the gas can

They watch the fire...

If there are three girls running,

there are three girls running nowhere

from remedies

That you call random

we call by name

and ask them to explain why...


Oh no, I heard somebody—

hush up

Don’t say nothing

I thought I heard someone—

Well, we walk when we want to go

Nobody’s gonna be there seen somebody, somebody

Be Quiet

nobody’s there...



I could not say no to the light of my desire.

I’m not asking so much

but you roll-call the passion:

I-lis lips?


His back?


His face?

No, no, no,

I’m not asking so much!

I try to imagine another planet, another sun

Where I don’t look like me

and everything I do matters

Where you are, girl

In your green paint

with a pin to pull

at the fingertips of Gravity


I’m telling you where it is:






PoIIy and I went to the circus

PolIy got hit with a rolling pin

We got even with the circus

We bought tickets

but we didn’t go in...

You won’t like it here

when I first take you,

He’s in the back doing his Father O’Riley

for the cops.

But you’ll like Woody

(He’s hiding in the shed)

And we’re going with him—

I told my brother...

When the Police come

Don’t say nothing

Don’t say nothing

and the Police will go—


Cuz they don’t like it

when you beat them to the punch,

They don’t like it

when you come in on a hunch.

And I’ve seen more dreams

riding on his eyes,

than a sure thing like

The Starry Skies,

And you’ll like it when you find out what he’s got

In the backyard,

By the parking lot.


Hey Baby, you’re my favorite boy,

I think about you all the time.

And this garbage that you still employ,

Do they really pay for every line?


For the joke Box Fury

Pounding in your soul,

Juke Box Fury tells them where to go,

Juke Box Fury pounding in your head,

juke Box Fury every word we said when

We were younger

and they hurt us so,

But you never know...


You got a Juke Box.

You can make it even.


Look, I don’t like it here.

This is trouble.

That guy keeps gettin’ up.

That girl keeps goin’ over to the phone

I’m going to talk to them—

(You just watch me)

I’m going to tell them;

“I think you two look

like you’re ready to go..:’

Put your foot right here.

D’you get it down all right, dear?

Well, put your foot right here...


Here, baby,

You’re the one for me.

This must be Paradise.

She’s never where you think she’ll be,

But don’t worry about it—

Cuz the Juke Box Fury’s

Pounding in your soul

juke Box Fury knows where to go

juke Box Fury pounding in your head

Juke Box Fury every word we said

When we were younger

And they hurt us so

But you never know...


You don’t know what you’ve got,

You can make it even!

You got a juke Box!

You can make it even...


Like this:

doodootin — doodootin — Doo.


Hey Danny! Wait for me!






It must be love that whispers in my ear

It must be love that we keep trying to hear

Cuz I imagined this kind of wonderful choice

I imagine you hear the very same voice

When I speak to you

You say “That’s just my imagination

oh no, no, no

It Must Be Love

It Must Be Love


Perhaps one girl who was moving in a fine line finds one boy in back

that she can always stand behind and it’s you and me

cuz that’s where we want to be Oh, It Must Be Love, It Must Be Love


People look through everything they see

cuz there’s so many other things to be

I have seen you walking in the rain

I wanted to know why you were crying

I wanna fix what’s wrong...


It must be love the sailor sails for

Must be love that drives a bottle to the bottom of the ocean floor

Because I imagine all kinds of wonderful water

I would have you there wherever I’ll go

Way from the seventh sea,

he brings the bottle back to me

Oh, It Must Be Love

Oh, It Must Be Love


People look through everything they see

There’s so many other things to be

I have seen you walking in the rain

I want to know why you were crying

Baby, let me fix what’s wrong...


It must be love that fathoms the moonlight Must be love that shallows the deepest part of the nigl So you can show them with your eye

the things that make them cry, Because that Must Be Love It Must Be Love...

and the way you are Must Be Love and the things you Feel Must Be Love, Oh, It Must Be Love Must Be Love





Homeboys calling from the comers station to station for the magazine but her pages are turning out the lights in the windows and all that you’re reading is the braille night


I can’t come out

and play Paddy with the Precinct boys no more but you and me baby

we’ll be lovers again but she’s walking to the A walking to the B walking to the C now, Where are you going? I’m just going with him...

He could be anywhere

I don’t know where he is

I know he’s coming

I know he’s coming to me

It could be anyday

I will know right away

I’ll know he’s Coming

I’ll know he’s Coming to me

I’ll know he’s Coming

I’ll know he’s Coming to me now...


I don’t think you know

what you’te doing

I don’t think you know

that she’ll make him cry

make my baby cry

Cut you’ll break my heart,

Carol, Carol, Carol


There’s a flagboy calling danger

watch you’re back iow Hey you, Flagboy,

let ‘em come, let ‘em come

Cuz I can see them there

I can see them coming I can see it all now

Hey you, Flagboy

Let ‘em come


They don’t know where I am

I could be anywhere

I know they’re coming

I know they’re coming to me

It could be anyday

I will know right away

I know they’re coming...

I know they’re coming to me

I know they’re coming,


Everything’s Coming

Everything’s Coming to me

Everything’s Coming







Once I had a sweet love

always followed me around

the way I treated my little lamb was like

the Marquis D. Sade and Her new clown

I guess I hurt him

I guess I hung up

I guess I should have called him back

I guess I didn’t care

Maybe I left him there

Maybe a woman just acts like that


What’s a matter?

Hey baby, baby

What’s a matter?

Don’t you want me?

What’s a matter?

Now Baby, baby

What’s a matter?


Is this The Real End?


Well, I had some dough,

I had a big car,

I turned ansund and all the money was spent

I dont know wherever it goes but

That’s probably where my baby went


So you got a New boy

He’s so fine

He wants to be with you

all the time

Don’t tell him he’s the only one

or your New boy becomes a I lard to find


What’s a matter?

Hey baby, baby

What’s a matter?

Don’t you want me?

What’s a matter?

Now Baby, baby

What’s a matter?


Is this The Real End?








These stars

no one else can see

Trapeze the height of thee

vanish as they call


These blues

no one else can hear

no one else can sing

this one for you

Can they, dear?


Things that you do are always with me

when you’re laughing

you’re always here

What’s the use in crying?

It won’t matter when we’re old.


This tear

will finally fall

Keep your eyes here

when there’s no net at all


Where the Lord’s face

is an all-night cafe

There’s a woman who will wait on

what you have to say

And your dreams are like marbles

in the pocket of a little boy

and they whisper when you hold them

like a beautiful girl


Beautiful girl.




My baby’s always crying,

My baby wants to see me cry, too.


Chain on my heart is going to break,


Cue every tear that falls in here

Is a dime for the juke Box Fury

So punch it in

Shake the chain

And listen to the song you’re playing

Shake the chain, Shake the chain

At everything I do

just enough

Everything I wanted to

just enough

Everything I put you through lust enough to know

He don’t want me

Oh, I think he’s polorized

He don’t know which way to go

Where would you he otherwise?

Otherwise? Well, you know we could



Because I can get this anyway


I can get this anyway


I can get it anyway

Light goes down

Somebody could break your heart

Light goes on

You could break somebody’s heart


Chain on my heart is going to break


Every time you try to make me cry

listen to it now

Punch it in

Shake the chain

I can’t take the tears

I can’t take the tears

Shake the chain, shake the chain

At everything I do

lust enough

And everything I wantetl to

just enough

And everything I put you through lust enough to knosv

lie ii out want me

Oh, you better wise up girl You better get smart

You better hide your heart


He's a Runaround

And I could get this anyway


I can get this anyway


I can get this anyway


Take a deep breath

And break the chain





De Memphis a Nashville

Y’a une route dui sent bon … l'Blues

Y’a pàs trop d'gondoles

Y’a que des marrants d’eau douce, douce

Des milliers d’santiags

En vente dans l‘restauroute

Et des ch’mises a carreaux

Qu’ont jamais l’moindre doute


De Memphis a Nashville

Y’a une vieille cad qui titube

Et dedans y’a  l‘chanteur

Qui sait plus les faire les tubes

Qu’il ouvre un oeil

S’il veut pas abimer

les milliers d'santiags

Et les ch’mises a carreaux


Entre Memphis et Nashvïlle

Elle se sort du restauroute

L'soleil lui ferme les yeux

Elle en a plus rien a foutre

Elle voit pas l‘chanteur

A l’envers dans l’fosse

La cad et  l’chaffeur

En sont tout retournes

Oh tel que j'les connais

Y vont bien s’rencountrer





there must be a golden frame coming to me

cuz where are you?

where are you?

where are you?


the very day when you first heard your heart beat

listens foe you still

So I think

it’s not so much the painting as what you give yourself

by what you leave


your signature...


On Sundays the ladies

took off their wiry, old hats and

made donuts in the back of

the church. I can

smell them cooking in middle of mass


cakes are prices at carnivals

Holding hands—that’s a gift

of our landscapes

for the heart is always

that one summer night

you stretch it from lace to face

like chewing gum. You can rig it up and hear each other thru a tin can

Now it bakes and hardens like an old dream under the fo)nt porch


Where the air is talcum

mamma’s eves are blue

and Father took the weird beast

we’re walking next to you


That is the picture that I see




I brought the Weird Beast here F

rom Van Nuys Blvd.

So I would not be without a man


When the Tartans reign

Flooded the

empty streets of



and on one of these

passing boats I thought

I saw the Weird Beast

speaking in the

Russian tongue


Will he kill the Czar?

Will he kill the Czar?


Draw the Weird Beast

everywhere you go.

Death speaks the ldreign

language we don’t know.

Make sure they hear him



Someday you’ll meet

a stranger

locations everywhere

you go

All of the science

You've kept in bottles


Someday this dream is

going to end


I have this Feeling...


A Weird Beast

is going to come our way



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