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Jefferson Airplane

 After Bathing At Baxter's (1967)




  1. The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil (Kanther)

  2. A Small Package of Value Will Come to You Shortly (Blackman/Dryden/Thompson) - 1:39

  3. Young Girl Sunday Blues (Balin/Kantner) - 3:33

  4. Martha (Kantner) - 3:26

  5. Wild Tyme (Kantner) - 3:08

  6. The Last Wall of the Castle (Kaukonen) - 2:40

  7. reJoyce (Slick) - 4:01

  8. Watch Her Ride (Kantner) - 3:11

  9. Spare Chaynge (Casady/Dryden/Kaukonen) - 9:12

  10. Two Heads (Slick) - 3:10

  11. Won't You Try / Saturday Afternoon (Kantner) - 5:09

Note / Jefferson Airplane


The Ballad Of You And Me And Pooneil


If you were a bird and you lived very high,
You'd lean on the wind as the breeze came by,
You'd say to the wind as it took you away,
That's where I wanted to go today

And I do know that I need to have you around
Love like a mountain springtime,

Ooo, flashing through the rivers of my mind;
it's what I feel for you.
You and me go walking south

And we see all the world around us,
The colors blind my eyes and my mind to all but you,
And I do know that I need to have you around,
And I do, I do know that I need to have you around.

I have a house where I can go
When there's too many people around me;
I can sit and watch all the people
Down below goin' by me;
Halfway down the stair is a stair
Where I sit and think about you and me;

But I wonder will the sun still see all the people goin' by
Will the moon still hang in the sky when I die,
When I die, when I'm high, when I die?

If you were a cloud and you sailed up there,
You sail on water as blue as air,
You'd see me here in the fields and say,
"Doesn't the sky look green today?"

(trascritta da Johnny Blasi)

A Small Package Of Value Will Come Shortly


Well if we really wanna make it
Really wanna make it, I wanna make it man
Straight ahead all the way you guys
I don't care how dirty you guys get
It doesn't make any difference
Oh fudge, ah well, fudge
Ah Barnum gee whiz rag mop
You know gosh all whillickers
Under the wedding ring I feel a what's that
Finger finger hoo hah hoo hah are you married
Fu fu fudge, hyuh hyuh hyuh rag mop
Hoo wha hoo you do it, I do it, who do it, where do it
Do it do it do it do it do it do it do it
Folks we've been in the business for 20 years
And I've never had a heart attack
You're my friends I want you to know that
Stick it stick it time time time
Take your money sign to clarify that
Ahhh! Ahh! Er ahhh!
Would you believe New York is an island rragh!

(instrumental break)

The Honorable Hawaii sinking
Shi fah fah shuh-hoo-oo-whiss!
Yes what is it
I've been at school you see try try try
Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii
Bok! Bok! Bok! Bok!
The difference to get in though
Not that it makes any difference fah shoo
Uh New York's uh sinking
How old are you little girl
Fudge fudge ay yi the thing is
Nay nay uh! Ca-no-no yes but
Uh-uh-uh Ca-nay-nay ba-no-no
Fah-oo ah Going! Going!
Goh! Goh! Goh! Goh!
No man is an island! Do it do it do it do it
No man is an island!
He's a peninsula

Young Girl Sunday Blues


In my heart I have a feeling, and I don't know what I'm gonna do;
Oh, what a beautiful world, the world, what should I do? What should I do?
Don't you know what I have found? Maybe you've found it too;
Today is made up of yesterday and tomorrow,
Young girl Sunday blues and all her sorrow.

One side of me is filled with brightness, no matter what I might say;
The days are made with waterfall colors, couldn't I make you stay?
If rain slides the sides of my face must be a rainy day;
But I get lost in yesterday and tomorrow, tomorrow,
Young girl Sunday blues and all her sorrow.

I walk beside you laughing and I'm high, don't try to touch me with words;
When I tell you I dream it might seem like silence, but so much can be heard;
I think of things, what loving you brings, maybe my thing is her;
Today is made of yesterday and tomorrow
Young girl Sunday blues, and all her sorrow;

Ah! come into my mind, let yourself wander free and easy;
Ah! come into my life, Sunday blues girl, young and new girl,
You're the only true girl here can please me
I said, "Please me, yeah! Please me! Please me! Please me!"



Martha she listens for the ticking of my footsteps, Patiently;
She sifts the hairy air that's worn and wood-swept, pleasantly;
She does as she pleases, she listens for me;

Martha she calls to me from a feather in the meadow, "Fly to me;"
You can dance and sing and walk with me
And dreams will fade and shadows grow in weed;
She does as she pleases, she waits there for me;
She does as she pleases, her heels rise for me;

My love she talks to winking windows as she murmurs to her feet, thoughtly;
She separates in laughter to my side, caught for me;
She does as she pleases, she waits there for me;
She does as she pleases, her heels rise for me;

Martha she keeps her heart in a broken clock and it's waiting there for me;
She weeds apart through a token lock; What a great thing to be free;
She weeps time, starts unspoken, but when the gate swings there she'll be,
There she'll be: in green sun, on blue earth under warm running shower.

Wild Tyme


It's a wild time!
I see people all around me changing faces!
It's a wild time!
I see love all the time!
I'm doing things that haven't got a name yet;
I need love, your love.
It don't matter if it's rain or shine.
I'm here for you anv old time stay here, play here.
Make a place for yourself here.
I want to be with you, no matter what I do,
what doesn't change is the way
I feel for you today.
Times just seem so good.
I do know that I should be here with you this way,
and it's new, so new.
I see changes, changes all around me are changes.

(trascritta da Johnny Blasi)

The Last Wall Of The Castle


Gone swirling tears came she went today;
Down Fallen years go by,
No place in learning how to cry; I went astray;
Understanding is a virtue, hard to come by
You can teach me how to love
If you'll only try; So please!
Don't give up so soon.

Sorry that I hurt her I went astray;
Hurt her mind and broke her heart
But there's no stopping once you start; she went away;
Understanding is a virtue, hard to come by
You can teach me how to love
If you'll only try; So please!
Don't give up so soon.

I never knew you the way you are;
The Blinded bird is not sincere,
His flying's done from only fear, he's lost his star;
Understanding is a virtue, hard to come by
You can teach me how to love
If you'll only try; So please!
Don't give up so soon.



Chemical change like a laser beam
you've shattered the warning amber light
Make me warm
let me see you moving everything over
smiling in my room
you know you'll be inside of my mind soon.

There are so many of you.
White shirt and tie, white shirt and tie,
white shirt and tie, wedding ring, wedding ring.

Mulligan stew for Bloom,
the only Jew in the room
Saxon's sick on the holy dregs
and their constant getting throw up on his leg.

Molly's gone to blazes,
Boylan's crotch amazes
any woman whose husband sleeps with his head
all buried down at the foot of his bed.

I've got his arm
I've got his arm
I've had it for weeks
I've got his arm
Steven won't give his arm
to no gold star mother's farm;
War's good business so give your son
and I'd rather have my country die for me.

Sell your mother for a Hershey bar
grow up looking like a car
there are;
All you want to do is live,
all you want to do is give but
some how it all falls apart!

(trascritta da Timothy Smith)
(Nota del trascrittore: "The lyrics to rejoyce were taken from the Baxter songbook, however, It's not sure of the exact order, but copied them the way they appear abbove").

Watch Her Ride


I didn't know you were the one for me, I couldn't see
But you were waiting,
For someone to come along to help you out to sing your song,
And I was changing;
All I see is you; All I feel is you for me!

And I would really like to watch you ride;
And always feel you by my side;
I would really like to watch you ride
All on me!

I go stumbling to the sky, and I seem to fly so high
I see you, I feel you;
You have a way of walking 'round your feet they never touch the ground,
And you are shining;
All I see is you; All I feel is you for me!

Times don't change; Times don't ever change for me;
And I know that you could be the only thing in my world,
The only thing that my mind would find;
For love, for love and peace of mind, for me, for me; Oh

Your Shadow in the morning sun becomes my fun, and we can say,
"I love you, love you;"
My morning shines on silver beaches, your light flashes to the reaches
Of my mind, my mind, of
My mind, and my mind it comes alive with you;
It's all that I can do to sit here and let you blow my mind;
Ah! My mind,
You're so fine, in my mind you're so fine, in my mind you're so fine,
You're so fine, in my mind, you're so fine in mind.

Spare Chaynge


< strumentale >

Two Heads


You want two heads on you body
And you've got two mirrors in your hand.
Priests are made of brick with gold crosses on a stick
and your nose is too small for this land.
Inside your head is your town
inside your room your jail
inside your mouth the elephants trunk and booze,
the only key to your bail

Want two heads on your body
and you've got two mirrors in your hand

Two heads can be put together.
And you can fill both your feet with sand.
Noone will know you've gutted your mind
but what will you do with your bloody hands?
Your lions are fighting with chairs,
your arms are incredibly fat;
Your women are tired of dying alive
if you've had any women at that.

Wearing your comb like an ax in your head
List'ning for signs of life;
Children are sucking on stone and lead
And chasing their hoops with a knife;
New breasts and jewels for the girl,
Keep them polished and shining;
Put a lock on her belly at night, sweet life,
For no child of mine.

(trascritta da Timothy Smith)

Won't You Try / Saturday Afternoon


Won't you try
won't you try
won't you try
find a way to need someone
find a way to see
find a way to need someone and the sunshine will set you free
won't you try
won't you try
won't you try
with love before we're gone

saturday afternoon
saturday afternoon
when your head is feeling fine
you can ride inside our car
I will give you caps of blue and silver sunlight for your hair
all that soon will be is what you need to see, my love
won't you try
won't you try
I do care that you do see
Is it time to leave, my lady
yes it is I know
round about and everywhere sunshine instead of snow
times can't change that what I say is true

(Trascritta da Johnny Blasi)


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Pubblicato: dicembre 1967
Marty Balin - Guitar, Vocals
Jorma Kaukonen - Guitar, Vocals
Grace Slick - Keyboards, Vocals
Paul Kantner - Guitar, Vocals
Jack Casady - Bass
Spencer Dryden - Drums
Ron Cobb - Cover Art
Al Schmitt - Producer
Richie Schmitt - Engineer

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