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 Kantner & Slick

 Sunfighter (1971)




1. Silver Spoon (Slick) - 5:41
2. Diana, Pt. 1 (Slick / Kantner) - :52
3. Sunfighter (Kantner) - 3:54
4. Titanic (Sawyer) - 2:30 (str.)
5. Look at the Wood (Slick / Kantner) - 2:10
6. When I Was a Boy I Watched the Wolves
    (Slick / Kantner) - 5:00
7. Million (Kantner) - 4:04
8. China (Slick) - 3:18
9. Earth Mother (Jack Traylor) - 3:19
10. Diana, Pt. 2 (Slick / Kantner) - 1:02
11. Universal Copernican Mumbles
     (Gleeson / Vierra / Kantner) - 2:04
12. Holding Together (Slick / Kantner) - 7:42

Note / Jefferson Airplane / Il booklet originale


Silver Spoon


Throw down all your
silver spoons - eat
all of the raw meat
with your hands.
Pick it up piece by piece
Pick it up piece by piece
Pick it up piece by piece

Where are the bodies
for dinner?
I want my food!

What if you were
starving to death and
they only food you had
was me - what would
you say to the cannibal
question? Would your
answer be perfectly

Your mama told you never
to eat your friends
with your fingers and
hands, but I say you
ought to eat what
you will - shove it
in your mouth any way
that your can.

You think that I will come
to your mouth, looking for
a home. But I get stuck
sideways in your throat
like a good old chicken

Where are the bodies for dinner?
I want my food!
Stay out the kitchen children
The cook is cleaning his gun
He just got back from the open
markey - shooting his food on
the run.

Your mama told you never
to eat your friends
with your fingers and
hands, but I say you
ought to eat what
you will - shove it
in your mouth any way
that your can.

Sharpen your teeth for the
family feast - let all the
hungry drool roll down
your chin. Hide the human
and bring out the beast.
Let all the animal games begin!

Where are the bodies for dinner?
I want my food!
You could leave to dine on
your friends - pour their
bones into a cannibal soup
muscles like steak
blood like wine - save
the brains to feed to troops

Your mama told you never
to eat your friends
with your fingers and
hands, but I say you
ought to eat what
you will - shove it
in your mouth any way
that your can.

Scarlet juices ozing
slow - boiling in a
human sea.
Is it human dinner
you're talking about?
Then slice me tender
raw and lean
Where are the bodies
for dinner?
I want my food!

Oily fingers can hardly
wait - bodies slumped
face in plate
Wake up the drunks
the coffers on
the fourteenth course
has come and gone.

So long
all day sucker
your candy has
come and gone
and its left you
with your mouth
wide open.

Just humming
cannibal songs.

(© 1971 Mole Music Company)



How do you feel to shoot down your brother now
And bury us in cages of cement and steel
What do you see when you look at one another now
Who do you see tell me how do you feel

Sing a song for the children who are gone
Sing a song for Diana
Huntress of the moon and a lady of the Earth
Weather woman Diana

(© 1971 God Tunes and Mole Music Company)



You know we found a place on the land
Where we can lay down and watch the ocean roll
And we walk in the sand my lady and me
And we watch and see the child grow

But the hand of man came runnin thru
Runnin thru you and me
Hurricane nighttime sympathy for you and for me

And there ain't no more room here, no more room here
No more room on this planet to grow

The rambler man he comes and he goes in our land
And gets you people on and we sing his song
With a little bit of San Francisco added on
Gonna get you people here all together, gonna roll,
Roll on you - try to move your minds together,
Gonna try to pull you thru -

Sub carbon oscillation, sunshine blurring fascination
Pulsar craft, moving fast, gonna take me past the hand of man to you

The sword of the lord don't mean nothin to me if he won't get down
On the people makin' such a mess of the land and the sea all around me...

Got to learn to leave the planet be
No more room here to fuck around like we did before,
Just maybe one more chance to leave it be.


I can feel you all around me
I can feel you huntin, bowstring weary,
Hear me clearly - I see you -
And I like it here -
I like it here


(© 1971 God Tunes)

Look At The Wood


Look at the wood and the way he carves it
Must have taken him years
I asked him the price and he said it was free
And I couldn't believe my ears

Tell me old man how long have you lived
To have such amazing talent
I'm twenty years short of a century
And the best years are in the balance

As a baby his mother had fed him frogs
And a wide assortment of lizards
It made him tough and wise and strange
And gave him the mind of a wizard

He had a new woman every five years
Faithful to each in her turn
They gave him children and time to smile
And he showed them all the love they could learn
The man had love to burn

Now he's lived his life and he'll live it again
Thru one more gentle soul
You'll know him by his smile and his fork held high
He'll be dining on toads and moles

Look at the wood and the way he carves it
Look at the sun, the golden harvest
Must have taken his years.

(© 1971 God Tunes and Mole Music Company)

When I Was A Boy I Watched The Wolves


When I was a boy I watched the wolves
When I was a boy I watched the wolfpack
Run, I watched the wolves
till the mornin' sun
And as I grew I soon found the wolfpack grow on me
Laser bright feel the lunar light comin' down on me
Moonlight, leave me be, comin' down on me
We Roll and we go thru the mountain snow
Wolfpack silver, down to the water
Timber line leader gonna find you
Getcha goin down to the nighttime

No eyes shine on the mind protected
No light shines on the fang neglected
Run with the wolfpack

When I was young and low out here in San Francisco
I could rely on the fire of my friends, now I can
Carry a few and I do when I can we get
By however we can

Me and my friends we roll thru the hills in the nighttime
Me and my friends run into the mornin sunshine

I suppose you could yell at your dog
He'd be barking his face right back
I imagine you calling yourself big fang
Observing you run with the pack

Wolfpack werewolf, gleaming on the hillside
She-wolf dripping come here and find me
Down by the cool clear waterside
Down by the nighttime

Bow to the moon / lean to the morning sun
Feel how clean / when the night when your nite is done

Run with the wolfpack
Get down be bright go back, run with the wolfpack
We have the mountains, we have the town now
Battle cruiser, two tone silver loser
Run with the wolfpack
Run with the wolfpack
Run with the wolfpack.

(© 1971 God Tunes and Mole Music Company)



Hear the sound of a million people
Millions of children in motion
All of us waiting for the rain
To wash away the dust from our bodies

Can you dance, can you remember
How to dance and get along with all of us
For the rest of our life

And yet there were some of the men and ladies
Who remembered that in the beginning we were one
A body and one spirit in all of our bodies
Whoa... oh sanctuary

Come and sail with me ... revelation
Standing on the edge of civilization

Farewell to the good times behind you
Goodbye San Francisco Dream
Good mornin San Francisco ladies
Good mornin San Francisco crazies

Get it on, come along now
Just maybe one more chance
To get it on with all of us for all of our life

I bow down to San Francisco ladies
I bow down to M'San Francisco lady...

Gonna get along gonna getcha down
Get around down baby with you.

(© 1971 God Tunes)



She'll suck on anything you give her
Stare at anything that's shiny bright
Her voice cuts through the sea even when its stormy
But she's only two feet high - she'll get higher

I hope she sees some things that will make her time happy
It all comes in so fast it all comes in

She sleeps through almost any sound
Even when its screaming loud and clear
But she wakes up and smiles at a friendly voice
If it whispers softly in her ear

I see in her new face, a clear beginning
It all comes in so fast it all comes in
She knows who she is without looking
She says it out happy when the feeling is there
She's an all new person who says just what she feels
She's a fat faced goddess of nowhere

I hope she sees some things that will make her time happy
It all comes in so fast it all comes in.

(© 1971 Mole Music Company)

Earth Mother


Earth mother your children are here
High and feeling dandy
Earth mother your children are here
Ripped on coke and candy

Once the earth was a garden
It gave us all we need
Then it grew so barren
All because of greed

Once the air was for breathing
And clouds caused rain to fall
Then it filled with poisons
Strangling us all

Water was once for drinking
And giving life to the land
Then it was used for cooling
The machinery of man

It's not your fault you're ill now
It's the men who went before
Your children are at your side now
Don't worry anymore

Your children are your salvation
They see your life as their own
They recognize no nation
They dance around your throne

Dancing in the meadows
To the sound of a living tree
In and out of the shadows
Laughing with the breeze.

(© 1971 God Tunes and Mole Music Company)

Diana Pt.2


How do you feel as you cut
Down your children now
And leave them dying
On the grass in the sun

What do you see
When you look at one another
Tell me old man
Tell me where will you run?
Sing a song
For the children going down
Remember - the ones you know
Remember how we danced
And remember what we sang
In America
So many years ago.

(© 1971 God Tunes and Mole Music Company / © 1971 God Tunes and Different Fur Trading Company)

Universal Copernican Mumbles


I am nite, I am day
And we'll help you find the way
If you help us find the way
To your heart

Shining citadel
Parallel in time
We can find the way to you

To your heart
To your heart
To your heart

Holding Together


Look for Atlantis, it is waiting for you - it lives there and it breathes there
Look for Rosemary to open the door for you
And she sees you and she needs you
Enter the cavern
Of the starmaker
All through you
Holding together holding together

To the children of the VietCong
And to the songs of the Yaqui and the Sioux
The Seminole and the Apache too
We're lookin for you - we need you

I see the wolfpack
Flashin down
From the mountain
And the children
Of the town
Run down beside them now
Holding together holding together

Ride the tiger
You can feel the universe
Inside of you
We can shining on
Thru you

Cold shimmering
Silver - fire of the
Morning sun - streak
Flash bam up and
Away from the forest
Up and away from
No rising sun
We leave the earth to the wind
To the cool clean air that should have been here and we can and we go into nova

I see the wolfpack
Come flashin down
From the mountain
And the children
Of the town run down
Beside them now

I see the Empire is
Breakin' down
From the inside
And the underground
Ain't no place for
Hidin now

It's a way
To move
You are the ocean
That we travel

On the way to
50 million
Light years

(© 1971 God Tunes and Mole Music Company)


Altre notizie sui Jefferson Airplane & family

NB: Gli autori dei brani riportati in Allmusic sono errati, sono stati indicati quelli corretti, ripresi dall'album originale.

Grace Slick  -  Keyboards, Vocals, Producer
Paul Kantner  -  Guitar, Vocals, Producer

Jerry Garcia  -  Banjo, Guitar
Jorma Kaukonen  -  Guitar
Graham Nash  -  Percussion, Vocals
Joey Covington  -  Percussion, Drums
Papa John Creach  -  Violin
Peter Kaukonen  -  Guitar
Jack Casady  -  Bass
David Crosby  -  Guitar, Vocals
Spencer Dryden  -  Drums
Edwin Hawkins  -  Vocals
Mic Gillette  -  Trombone
Patrick Gleeson  -  Synthesizer, Keyboards
Bill Laudner  -  Vocals
Steven Schuster  -  Saxophone
Shelley Silverman  -  Drums
John Vierra  -  Keyboards
Greg Adams  -  Trumpet

Pat Ieraci  -  Engineer
Acy Lehman  -  Illustrations
Jeff Tamarkin  -  Liner Notes

Disco Grunt Records distribuito da RCA Records, New York, N.Y.

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