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 Style Council

Cost Of Loving (1987)




1. It Didn't Matter (Talbot/Weller) - 5:49
2. Right to Go (Dynamic Three/Weller/White) - 5:15
3. Heavens Above (Weller) - 6:14
4. Fairy Tales (Weller) - 4:09
5. Angel (Griffen/Griffin/Morten/Moten/Sully) - 4:32
6. Walking the Night (Weller) - 4:34
7. Waiting (Weller) - 4:29
8. The Cost of Loving (Weller) - 4:21
9. A Woman's Song (Weller) - 3:04

Style Council




I remember all the early days
Trying to think of the right things to say
I didn't want you to think I was like the rest
Who think they own you just because you've laid with them
It didn't matter - really didn't matter
It didn't matter now we are together

Ricordo bene i primi giorni
quando pensavo alle cose giuste da dire
non volevo che pensassi che fossi come gli altri
che credono di averti solo perché hai dormito con loro
Non importa - veramente non importa
non importa ora, noi stiamo assieme

There are crystal hearts just waiting to be smashed
And out to break them are the ones who never last
Too soon today and gone tomorrow
And taking with them just another little piece of you

Ci sono cuori di cristallo che aspettano solo di essere infranti / e quelli che li rompono sono quelli che non rimangono mai (nella memoria)
troppo presto oggi e dimenticati domani
e si portano via soltanto un altro pezzetto di te

There are those who think it's smart
Thinking that they've stole your love and broke your heart
Too much too soon and gone tomorrow
Well my love doesn't need to lend or steal or borrow

Ci sono quelli che pensano sia una cosa furba
quando pensano che hanno rubato il tuo amore e spezzato il tuo cuore
troppo e troppo presto, e dimenticati domani
Bene, il mio amore non ha bisogno di adattarsi o di rubare o prendere in prestito (niente).




If we don't move - the moves our last
We deprive ourselves of our only chance
Now once and for all, the right must go
Now all for one - register to vote
It's a chance to show, that you can't be bought
Whatever you think - whatever you thought
You've got the choice, for what it's worth
You know a third terms gonna cut the earth
Disregard the cost is the party line
A nation filled with apathy, suits fine
To be unemployed and stay alive
No Torys gonna tell you one in five
One in five or one in three
The difference is they don't lose no sleep
Now once and for all the right must go
Now all for one - register to vote

The power that you need is in your hands
Or a one party state is how we'll stand
Every vote wasted, is our hopes lost
Make it your decision and your cross
X marks the spot, that could change your lives
Every vote cast for a better time
Now once and for all the right must go
Now one for all - register to vote




Heavens above what have we done
Oh, we've killed off the thing we had so little of
True, love has no truth without a price
But the cost of loving has been blown sky high
Spend on the hope the call The Peacemaker
And pray to their God - the Heavy Rainmaker
Paegans of wealth they dance so freely
As they give away the life that comes so cheaply

Don't you see - there's a better way for us to be
And in the back of your mind - you know its just a matter of time

Time here today is life tomorrow
Oh but life means less now the time is borrowed
Paid for in blood, the donors seem keen
As they realise too late they've been so cheated

Surely by now we've paid the price
What is there left to sacrifice
You take the power - you take the pay
You steal the will and have the say
I'm sure by now there's not much left
One hand on heart - one on a breast
You steal the milk - you milk the land
But your time is up - your time is sand!




The giant towers over all
But from close distance he don't seem that big at all
In fact he's no more than you or I
Though we give him far more power than his size
Could such a land ever exist
Where those so many could be rendered oh so weak
And still be listening by the phone
To buy shares in things that we already own

The giant towers over all
But from close distance she don't seem that big at all
In fact she's no more than you or I
Though we give her far more power than her size

Now as we lay me down to sleep
Hold firm the idea that the truth shall always keep
For history will prove in time
That their laws today will be tomorrows crime




If I could I'd give you the world
Wrap it all around you
I won't be satisfied with just a piece of your heart
Angel, you're my Angel

Dreams are Dreams and some dreams come true
I found a real dream, baby when I found you
You're so strong, but tender too

Angel, you're my Angel

Love like ours is heaven sent - each day a day to remember
I feel so safe - feel safe when I'm with you, with you

Angel, you're my Angel

You give me more, you keep right on giving
Fill me up - baby we could go on living
When things get tough, I can always turn to you

Angel, you're my Angel

I love the way we touch, I love the way it feels
Every time your near me my poor heart just won't keep still
No doubt about it that this love I feel is real
Ask me to go with you - you know that I will

Hold me near - hold me tight
Only you can make it real - only you make it alright
Just let me know that I am special to you

Angel, you're my Angel




I feel like walking, because my poor hearts breaking
You told me once I know, but loves a thing that can go
Vanish in the night, its gone by morning's light
It drifted in one day - but I'm hoping it will
Stay - in my arms always, never go away
I'll make this moment last and put time in the past
Where time alone can stop - stop me thinking

Walking the night - I'm wondering if I'm gonna see you again

You left me standing by wracked with wondering
Why I feel so insecure, yes a mad thing I know
but I can't help myself, shake this feeling off
Lets start getting back - to where we started

From the difference that I felt - I thought I knew myself
I thought I knew so well - now time alone will tell
If we can make time stop - and keep this feeling




I don't mind what people say,
They always think the worst anyway
And if I'm wrong I'll pay the price
It's a cost that I don't count as sacrifice
I'm gonna love you anyway
I don't care what people say
I'm gonna love you come what may
I don't care what people say

Non mi importa quello che la gente dice
pensano sempre il peggio in ogni modo
e se ho torto pagherò pegno
è un costo che non considero un sacificio
io ti amerò comunque
non mi interessa quello che la gente dice
io ti amerò

An opinion held is such demand
But I'd much sooner hold your hand
It's a question of priority
And I think that you would still be here for me

Mantenere la propria opinione non è facile
ma io presto terrò tra la tua mano tra le mie
è una questione di priorità
ed io penso che tu dovresti essere ancora qui per me

I'd be a fool to bow to their advice
As if their wish were my command
And I would be a fool to say goodbye
To the love that lies waiting, now

Sarei un pazzo a piegarmi ai loro consigli
come se i loro desideri fossero degli ordini per me
e sarei un pazzo a dire addio
all'amore che sta disteso ad aspettarmi, ora




The cost of loving's on the line again
Honey, that just won't do
As we turn another blind eye
Oh, they steal it from you.
But the feelings coming back
Guess it always will
And no matter how hurt you've been

Il costo di amare è di nuovo in pista
dolcezza, proprio non funzionerà
non appena guardiamo da un'altra parte
loro te lo rubano.
Ma i sentimenti stanno tornando indietro
indovina sempre chi lo vuole
e non importa quanto sei stato ferito.

Cost of loving's on the line
Honey that just won't do
Might take a little bit of time
Oh, but I've faith in me and you

ll costo di amare è in pista
dolcezza, proprio non funzionerà
potrebbe richiedere un po' di tempo
ma io ho fede in me e in te.

The black market on the side
Oh, we take more than we need
And take it in our stride
Starving those who we feed

Il mercato nero da un lato
prendiamo più di quello di cui abbiamo bisogno
e superiamo facilmente (i limiti)
facendo soffrire la fame a quelli che alimentiamo.

When the feeling starts again
Then we'll do more right than wrong
Waiting for a brighter day
Has always been too long

Quando i sentimenti ripartono
allora facciamo più cose giuste che sbagliate
aspettando un giorno più luminoso
una cosa che ha sempre richiesto troppo tempo

The cost of loving's on the line
Honey, that just won't do

ll costo di amare è in pista
dolcezza, proprio non funzionerà.




Hush little baby don't you cry
Momma's gonna buy you a nursery rhyme
And if that don't send you to sleep
Momma's gonna have to find the key
All of our worries are not our choice
Someone sees to that, I know not why
Things that we've worked for they started to sell
Now heaven is for angels and earth is hell

Hush little baby your time may come
When things as they are now will be undone
And you as the change if you last that long
And you as the change if you last that long

Hush oh, my child, Momma's only sad
They've damned nearly taken away all I have
And all I have in the world is you
Just you and the future's that sees me through

But hush oh, my child, Momma's only sad
They've damned nearly taken away all I have
And all I have in the world is you
All I have in the world is you
It's you and the future's that sees me through


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