Jefferson Airplane

 Long John Silver (1972)




  1. Long John Silver [Casady/Slick] (4:25)
  2. Aerie (Gang Of Eagles) [Slick] (3:57)
  3. Twilight Double Leader [Kantner] (4:45)
  4. Milk Train [Creach/Slick/Spotts] (3:22)
  5. The Son Of Jesus [Kantner] (5:31)
  6. Easter? [Slick] (4:02)
  7. Trial By Fire [Kaukonen] (4:36)
  8. Alexander The Medium [Kantner] (6:40)
  9. Eat Starch Mom [Kaukonen/Slick] (4:35)

Note / Jefferson Airplane / Jefferson Airplane / Copertine degli album


Long John Silver

Long John Silver ring in his ear
He's the hero, make that clear

Does the same thing his father did
Sailing around the Caribbean
Robing king with his talking parrot
This time I think he's on the high side

Scabs are forming, scraped his knee
Guards are warning, a bad man is free

He's like electric clock that needs no winding
Keeps the time without your hands
Western feet need no binding
Take a barefoot run through old Japan
He's seen a thousand countries, they're all the same
Some men crazy - some men sane
But all men are ruled by a flag or a game
He knows nobody's got you if you don't sign your name

Long John Silver serves no king
No land holds him - that's why he feels like singing
Every country now & then
Roars like Irish - drunk & singing
Every monk will now & then call his men
To hear the wenches night bells ringing

Aerie (Gang Of Eagles)

How he knows where he's going -
Never lost -
No one, well there's no one faster
Direction born in his brain

He's got no reason to hide
He's got no laws to cross
He's got
Well he's got no master
Freedom born in his name

Aerie (3x)

Well you can't fly human master
No you can't fly - fly by yourself
You can't fly dying master
Without a rifle on your shelf

Aerie (3x)

Twilight Double Leader

Get down now and roll around me
Get down now and be my Queen
Get down now and roll around me
Chinese dance round the Queen
Twilight double leader
Comin' home and feed her
Charioteer ... already been there
Determination structure

Have you heard about your brothers and your sisters
Livin' in the mountains ... free of the city life

You can feel it in the streetime
Huntin' for the lifetime
Twilight all around you, around & around you
You can make it in the nitetime

And if you're lost Midway - Third of the week
... she gonna find the right way to get to you

Twilight double leader
Comin' home to please here
Walkin' on the water ... disappearing daughter
Citadel redeemer

Ain't got time to hang around - movin'
Slow ... I just got to go
I just got to go
I just got to go

Milk Train

I don't want to stop your milk train runnin'
I just want to ride it - some of the time
I don't think you'd mind if I mention
Don't leave the cow juice behind, it'll cost you nothing
Now I've got the time to talk to you
If you've got the time to laugh
I don't have to pay for your open mouth and
you don't have to buy it - I'll give you a free milk tongue bath,
it'll cost you nothing
Some men just talk me dry
Some men are absolutely rigid
Some men are are easy feeling but they're hard to find.
You've got most of my body - Damn near all of my mind unwinding
Milk train come by here every day
Have another little taste of mine, cost you nothing
Back door key don't mean nothing to me
If you're calling me loud & smooth.
I'll just come sliding in the front door if it's open
Long as we can find a little fresh milk that's loose.
Like a long time lover of fire
Like a body that shines like silk.
Like a new clear line on a static wire
Like a smooth old taste of milk
Like a smooth old taste of milk

It'll cost you nothing
I don't want to stop your milk train running
I just like to ride it - some of the time.

The Son Of Jesus


Jesus had a son by Mary Magdalene
And he rode the land like the man who went before
Young Jesus raised him loud, mother Mary raised him proud
And he tracked the men who laid his father down
One day the Pilate died with the fire in his side
Herod did die too
Not the way
he wanted to

You see the child knew the secrets of Egypt & Isis
Magdalene remembered when the people smiled And had been looser
Looser than they'd been since the day young Jesus died
Public execution enhanced by levitation
Fancy mutilation for 2.000 years of time

Jesus could walk on the water
The man could dance on the sea of Galilee
But don't try breathing the water
Miracles go only so far you see

So you think young Jesus Christ never a lady
And you think young Mary
Never saw him smile wide & free
You won't read it in the Bible & if you look you're liable
To come across the truth about the man from Galilee
She the man upon the water they had a son they had a daughter
She hid them from the slaughter in the deep Black Sea

God loved the son of Jesus
Ol' God got off on the sparklin' daughter too, yes he did
Jesus could walk on the water
The man could dance on the Sea of Galilee

Watch him dance
Watch him dance
Watch him dance


Golden velvet robes on Pope Paul, he's talking
He's stalking devils of flesh.
Rides through the streets instead of walking.
I think his holy story is a mess.
All I did last Easter - all I did was paint some eggs.
It was a resurrection holy day - no more nails in the holy legs.

Only one true holy book in your hand.
Singing in Latin nobody understands.
Licking wafers paper thin.
Ah, stupid Christian isn't it grand?

Is that your reason for this day?
Do you have a little something holy you'd like to say?
Something about a magic, sacred, holy day.

You look holy and humble on your knees,
But it looks funny when you run that way.
Pope Paul taking all your money
For turning your feet into clay (pigeon).

One man of peace dies, and a hundred wars begin.
You keep murdering people in his Christian name
I thought he said - I thought he said that was a sin.
Soldier where have you been?

What is your reason for this day?
Do you have a little something holy you'd like to say to me?
Something about a magic, sacred, holiday.

All I'm going to do this Easter - I'm just going to look for eggs.
It's a resurrection holy day - no more nails in the holy legs.
No more brains in the Christian.

Trial By Fire

Gonna move out on the highway, make this moment last
Till it closes with the future, blending with the past
Rollin' on and doin' fine, what do you think I see
That bony hand comes a beckonin', saying buddy come and go with me

That engine just ain't strong enough to get you round the turn
Lie on your back in the middle of a field
And watch your body burn
Don't try to tell me just who I am when
You don't know yourself
Spend half your time running out on the street
With your mind home on the shelf
Lookin' at me with your eyes so full of fire
Like you'd rather be seein' me dead
Lying on the floor with a hole in my face
And a ten gauge shotgun at my head

You can leave me here, but I won't tell
Things I know about you and know so well
The way you smile at me, try to set me free

Rollin' on, won't be long
I won't leave here till I sing this song.

Alexander The Medium

When the time does come near again
When the day does seem clear again
Make it in the night time
The dreams ands in the light time
All of you come away
Just a bow shot away
Let me tell you 'bout a story now
A tale of glory and power
And I don't even know your name
But I thought I'd tell you all about it just the same
We are all creatures of fame, lightness and liberty
In the times of the olden times
Of ancient ladies and maritime splendor
Priests of Karnak and Thebes
Could walk through the ocean and the seas
When the pyramid she would sigh
The waters streamed from the sky
The ocean you know is your friend
Your brother and sister just as sure as sin
Put your hands in the water
Rest your feet on the sea
You don't have to let your body die
You can come back again if you try, if you try
This song was made then by you and me
A billion years before these oceans rolled
Oh I can see you burning brightly
You shine like silver like sun gold
And a hundred years from today
All you people will be gone away
Down into the heart of the sea
Back to the time of wonderwhy you and me
And I don't even know your name
But I thought I'd tell you all about it just the same
If you laugh real hard you win the game - hands down
Before old Alexander 'twas just the same as now
Can you smell the blood of fame, lightness and liberty?

Eat Starch Mom

He's just an American boy & he loves his machine.
No back talk from a machine.
When was the last time a television set
gave you shit about who you met last night?
No back-talk machine.
If your motor doesn't turn over smooth for you,
you don't feed it right.
Give it a little grease - give it a little gas,
drive straight on through the night.
Man-made mechanical mover - love your machine.
You say nothing's right but natural things
......... you fool.
Poison oak is a natural plant why don't you
put some in your food.
I don't care if there's chemicals in it
as long as my lettuce is crisp!
Preservatives might just be preserving you,
I think that's something you missed!
Ya you missed it.
Man-made mechanical mover, I love his machine.
He's just an American boy & I love his machine.
Smooth moving steel.
Keep your engine warm & wet
be friendly to your steel.
Feed it right, your mechanical pet
then get behind the wheel.
Put a little starch in the old corvette
then give it a feel.
Smooth moving steel - give it a feel
man-made mechanical mover - it'll move faster than
you can - vegetable lover.

Note e informazioni sulla registrazione e sulla formazione

Long John Silver [Casady/Slick] (4:25)
Registrazione: Maggio, 1972
Aerie (Gang Of Eagles) [Slick] (3:57)
Registrazione: Aprile-Maggio, 1972
Twilight Double Leader [Kantner] (4:45)
Registrazione: Marzo-Maggio, 1972
Milk Train [Creach/Slick/Spotts] (3:22)
Registrazione: Aprile-Maggio, 1972
The Son Of Jesus [Kantner] (5:31)
Registrazione: Marzo-Maggio, 1972
Easter? [Slick] (4:02)
Registrazione: Aprile-Maggio, 1972
Trial By Fire [Kaukonen] (4:36)
Registrazione: Marzo-Maggio, 1972
Alexander The Medium [Kantner] (6:40)
Registrazione: Maggio, 1972
Eat Starch Mom [Kaukonen/Slick] (4:35)
Registrazione: Marzo-Maggio, 1972

Jefferson Airplane

Grace Slick - piano, voce
Jack Casady - basso
Paul Kantner - chitarra ritmica, voce
Jorma Kaukonen - chitarra, voce
Papa John Creach - violino
John (Goatee) Barbata - batteria, percussioni

Joey Covington - batteria in "Twilight Double Leader" e "The Son Of Jesus"
Sammy Piazza - batteria in "Trial By Fire"

Uscita: Luglio, 1972
Produzione: Jefferson Airplane
Engineering: Don Gooch
Copertina: Pacific Eye & Ear
Illustrazioni: Bob Tanenbaum and Propella Rotini
Etichetta: Grunt FTR-1007

Lyrics 1972 RCA Records / Transcription 1-5-6-8-9 Johnny Blasi / 2 Diana Rae / 3-4-7 Alberto M. Truffi / Notes Alberto Maurizio Truffi 2002 / Reproduction for commercial use strictly prohibited

Testi 1972 RCA Records / Trascrizioni 1-5-6-8-9 Johnny Blasi / 2 Diana Rae / 3-4-7 Alberto M. Truffi / Note Alberto Maurizio Truffi 2002 / Riproduzione per usi commerciali assolutamente proibita


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