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Le colonne sonore di E.R. (Emergency Room)



Dott.ssa Abby Lockhart (l'attrice Maura Tierney)

Non è facile trovare le colonne sonore con le canzoni e le musiche utilizzate nella più celebre fiction televisiva degli ultimi anni, prototipo per tutti i medical dramas che sono venuti dopo ad invadere lo spazio televisivo.

D'altra parte ER (in Italia Medici in prima linea) è stato in programmazione per 14 stagioni, con 22-23 puntate ciascuna, potrebbero essere stati utilizzati oltre 300 brani complessivamente, comunque sempre scelti con oculatezza ed appropriata originalità dai bravi e raffinati registi che si sono avvicendati nella cabina di comando di questo autentico capolavoro tra i serial.

Sulla enciclopedia on-line del cinema, IMDB, è presente una scheda per ciascuna delle puntate trasmesse, spesso a livello di abbozzo, ma titolo, interpreti e vicenda in estrema sintesi sono sempre disponibili. La colonna sonora raramente è disponibile ed è limitata ad alcune delle canzoni più significative. In molti altri siti, e soprattutto nei forum degli appassionati di ogni paese, sono stati raccolti i titoli delle trasmissioni per puntata, in modo più o meno sistematico, ma solitamente con reperibilità non facile.

Presentiamo qui, aiutandoci anche con un po' di memoria, una sintesi panoramica delle musiche di ER, dalla stagione 1 alla 13. Le scelte sempre oculate e spesso sorprendenti dei curatori del serial daranno sicuramente numerosi suggerimenti per buoni ascolti o insolite scoperte, mentre i cultori potranno ricollegare quel momento particolare alla canzone utilizzata. Cominciamo a ritroso, dalla stagione trasmessa in Italia nel 2008, la tredicesima.

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Le scelte musicali
/ Le musiche originali / Gli altri medical dramas e RAI 2 / L'ultima puntata dell'ultima serie


Stagione 13 (2006-2007 USA / 2008 Italia)





Titolo RAI

Sintesi (da IMDB)






Scritto nel sangue

Caos parte I

Weaver, Kovac, and the other doctors work frantically to try to save Jerry and a pregnant Abby, who were both critically injured during the shootout that left the ER in shambles (last episode of the previous season). Meanwhile, Sam tries to escape from her ex-boyfriend (and father of her son Alex) and his criminal accomplices as they head North, but things quickly turn violent.

Stephen Cragg

Open Your Eyes


Snow Patrol


Slow Motion
The One I Love
This Year's Love

David Gray


Graduation Day

Esame di maturità

Caos parte II

As Abby and Luka cope with their newborn's life and death struggle, the couple is shocked to receive a surprise visitor: Abby's mother Maggie. Meanwhile, Sam fears the prospect of criminal charges; Neela discovers that Tony Gates will be joining the ER team as an intern and Morris gets his job back while Weaver gets demoted.

Joanna Kerns

This Heat

Sergio Mendes and The Black Eyed Peas


Ooh Child

Beth Orton


Somebody to Love

Qualcuno da amare

Genitorialità parte I

Gates is assigned to the case of a closeted gay man whose partner clashes with his family; Neela meets her new surgical chief, Dr. Crenshaw; and Pratt must cope with the flood of new interns (Hope, the christian girl, is within them).Abby and Kovac discover both the joys and difficulties of raising a newborn; Morris is wrongfully accused of being a child molester; Pratt has his trial-by-fire when he has to handle the ER alone, juggling multiple traumas, teaching duties and a troublesome intern. Neela continues to be the target of her difficult supervisor, and Sam discovers her sons latest extra-curricular activity.

Stephen Cragg

Believe It or Not

Joey Scarbury


You're Nobody 'Till Somebody Loves You

John Mahoney


Parenthood (4)

Essere genitori

Genitorialità parte II

Abby and Kovac discover both the joys and difficulties of raising a newborn; Morris is wrongfully accused of being a child molester; Pratt has his trial-by-fire when he has to handle the ER alone, juggling multiple traumas, teaching duties and a troublesome intern. Neela continues to be the target of her difficult supervisor, and Sam discovers her sons latest extra-curricular activity (credit card diversion).

Tawnia McKiernan

Should I Stay or Should I Go



Miss Murder



Ames vs. Kovac

Ames contro Kovac

Processo I

Curtis Ames (Forrest Whitaker), a carpenter who suffered a stroke under Kovac's care, sues him for malpractice. Kovac and Ames square off in court as each man's recollections of Ames' treatment are recounted via testimony and flashbacks. Meanwhile, Abby returns to work and must adjust to the dramatic changes in her life, and Pratt's early morning trip to the barbershop results in a new awareness of community need. Also, Abby and Pratt try an unconventional method for treating a heart patient and Neela tries a risky procedure which doesn't sit well with her chief.

Richard Thorpe

Should I Stay or Should I Go



Heart of the Matter

Il cuore del problema

Processo II

Kovac anxiously awaits the verdict between himself and Curtis Ames but fears the worst. Meanwhile, Neela disobeys her chief's orders and also questions her feelings for Gates, and Weaver unwittingly steals the spotlight from Morris in his big television debut.

Andrew Bernstein

Ooh La La
The Envy


Luscious Redhead



Un gioco di pazienza

Demoni e angeli parte I

A belligerent young man with the flu turns out to be more than he seems, and presents a challenge to Morris and Sam when he refuses treatment. Abby's chance encounter with Curtis Ames leaves Kovac uneasy. Meanwhile, Pratt discovers a local church's risky drug exchange program, Neela and Gates square off, and Weaver gets an interesting offer.

John Wells



Reason to Believe

Un motivo per avere fiducia

Demoni e angeli parte II

A mysterious illness leaves little hope when a group of homeless kids enter the ER and one of them believes that Neela is a guardian angel in blue (they call her since this episode Mayday); Abby and Kovac clash over a possible case of domestic abuse; Pratt makes a shocking discovery about his brother, and Weaver is unexpectedly called into action when her television appearance becomes a real emergency.

Ernest R. Dickerson

Till the Sun Turns Black

Ray LaMontagne



Break So Easy

Jonathan Rice


Scoop and Run

Colpisci e fuggi

Segreti e rivelazioni parte I

Thanksgiving at County is quiet, with the normal number of routine (or nearly so) emergencies. But Abby makes up for the lack of excitement while returning to the hospital as the doctor on a helicopter transport.

Stephen Cragg

When The Stars Go Blue

Ryan Adams


Tell Me No Secrets

Non svelarmi i segreti

Segreti e rivelazioni parte II

Kovac and Gates treat a girl who appears to have been assaulted. When the police are no help with Ames, Kovac decides to confront the problem himself; Morris and other doctors work on a patient with an ice pick in his ear. Meanwhile, Ray tries to keep his new relationship a secret and Pratt can't fully deal when his half-brother officially comes out. Also, a new male nurse arrives.

Laura Innes (3)



City of Mercy

Città della misericordia

Città della misericordia parte I

It's Christmas in the ER. A homeless boy sends Gates and Ray on a mission. Meanwhile, in the ER, Neela oversees an unusual kidney transplant case; Sam takes a stand when a patient is dumped in an alley by another hospital; and Morris plays Santa for a special girl and learns the meaning of Christmas, and refuse a long awaited offering from Hope, revealing an unusual aspect of his personality.

Stephen Cragg

(Joni Mitchell)

Sarah McLachlan


Breach of Trust

Fiducia tradita

Città della misericordia parte II

Weaver cares for a Katrina survivor who's reluctant to having surgery on her foot; budget cuts force Luka to make a difficult personnel decision. Also, Gates' home life intrudes on the ER; and Pratt and Hope are shaken after a patient in their care dies needlessly.

Skipp Sudduth



A House Divided

Una casa divisa

Addio dottoressa Weaver
parte I

Kovac reacts negatively when he sees Abby giving extra attention to a patient; Ray and Gates clash over a patient, pinning Neela in the middle; and Ben takes things to the next level with Sam. Meanwhile, Pratt is under investigation and Weaver says a final goodbye to the ER.

Andrew Bernstein

I Never Dreamed

Lynyrd Skynyrd

            War Parade The Lift


Murmurs of the Heart

Il respiro della terra (1)

Addio dottoressa Weaver
parte II

Kovac finds himself in a tense confrontation with Curtis Ames (that suicide himself), and Abby must act to protect her family. Meanwhile, Neela and Gates rush to get Meg to the hospital while Sam's new home is soon under threat from fire.

Christopher Chulack



Dying is Easy

E' facile morire

Il debutto parte I

Abby and Sam try to treat an obnoxious, aspiring comedian with mysterious symptoms; Pratt must defend his actions in front of the medical board; Neela scrubs in on a kidney donor transplant; and Morris, as the lone attending, must run a busy ER. Also, Kovac gets a surprising proposal from Abby.

Tawnia McKiernan

Skipping Stone

Amos Lee


Crisis of Conscience

Crisi di coscienza

Il debutto parte I

Kovac and Gates find themselves with a moral dilemma when a woman comes into the ER with acute liver failure; Neela finds herself questioning what is right when Manish decides to give up a kidney to a complete stranger. Meanwhile, Ray fights to get to the bottom of a cheerleaders accidental fall; Abby gets a prediction for her future; and Alex's troubles continue to intrude on Sam's work life.

Steve Shill

All She Wrote

Ross Copperman


From Here to Paternity

Da qui alla paternità (2)

Paternità parte I

A blizzard strands a family in the snow and Abby and Pratt quickly try to save the family. A gang shooting challenges Morris and Pratt. Meanwhile, Kovac and Abby begin making wedding plans, but their engagement might not be very secret; Gates struggles with the reappearance of his father and the possibility of losing Sarah; and Neela becomes jealous when Dubenko brings in a new surgical intern.

Lesli Linka Glatter

Road to Zion

Damien Marley featuring Nas


Photographs and Memories

Fotografie e ricordi

Paternità parte II

It's Sam's birthday, but she finds it hard to be away from her son Alex. Meanwhile, Sam meets a photographer taking pictures of a terminal patient and she gives Sam a new perspective on life. Dubenko's new surgical intern unsettles Neela during a trauma; Gates is shadowed by a new and nerdy intern and later must tell Sarah the truth that he may be her biological father. Also, Morris and Hope annoy Kovac and Abby when they try to help with their wedding preparations.

Stephen Cragg

Get Down Tonight

KC & The Sunshine Band

            Read My Mind The Killers


Family Business

Affari di famiglia

A luci spente parte I

Kovac and Gates deal with a hopeless father whose son succumbs to heart failure; Pratt tries to resolve the tension between him and his brother (after he discoveres his gay inclination); an Armenian man tries to be a good samaritan but ends up crashing near the ER; Abby sneaks in baby Joe when she worries his sickness may be worse than it seems; Also, Sam injures the instructor of a self-defense seminar.

Richard Thorpe



Lights Out

Luci spente

A luci spente parte II

In 12 hours, the ER will shut down. As Kovac is under pressure to take care of the patients before the final hours, he makes a pivotal decision about his future. Meanwhile, Sam befriends a photojournalist who returns only this time she's terminally ill; Pratt is concerned when his brother ends up in the ER drunk (after a contest between his new colleagues); Morris confronts Gates when he ignores his orders and angrily sends him home while Gates tries to defend his actions.

Terence Nightingale



I Don't

Dico di no

Metamorfosi I

What is suppose to be a departmental dinner organized by Kovac turns out to be the surprise of a lifetime for Abby when she soon learns it's a surprise wedding, secretly planned by the eager groom. Meanwhile, at the wedding, ER staffers enjoy themselves with music and booze while Neela finds herself the center of unexpected attention between Gates and Ray, which leads to a drunken fight and a shocking conclusion. Morris and Hope starts finally their love affair.

Andrew Bernstein

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Scott Grimes and Busy Philipps







Can't Help Falling in Love

Elvis Presley


Sea Change

Cambio di vento

Metamorfosi  II

The ER reopens with new changes. However, the ER is not the only thing that's changed; Kovac and Abby adjust to being newlyweds; Morris and Hope enjoy themselves at the honeymoon suite; Pratt attempts a change for a woman; Neela worries when Ray goes missing; Meanwhile, there's a new doctor in the ER and he means business; and another change may come when Kovac receives a phone call.

Laura Innes



The Honeymoon's Over

La luna di miele è finita

Metamorfosi parte II

The ER is now in the hands of a new chief, Dr. Kevin Moretti (Stanley Tucci), who is bent on major changes. Meanwhile, a phone call leads Neela to a hospital where awaits a major shock and a final farewell from a friend and colleague. Gates urgently goes home to stop Sarah from being taken away from him. A GI patient baffles Morris and Sam. Also, Kovac postpones the honeymoon and says goodbye to Abby and his son, for the meantime, while he travels to Croatia to visit his ailing father.

Christopher Chulack


Jeff Buckley

(1) Chiara allusione al celebre libro di Carl Sagan sui simboli dell'umanità spediti nello spazio con la nave spaziale Voyager
(2) Chiaro gioco di parole e allusione al celebre film sulla II guerra mondiale Da qui all'eternità con Frank Sinatra
(3) E' l'attrice che ha interpretato uno dei personaggi chiave della serie, la dottoressa Kerry Weaver, capo del pronto soccorso per molti anni, qui impegnata anche alla regia. Forse è una specie di premio o di scommessa in occasione della sua uscita dal serial, nel 13° episodio della 13° stagione.
(4) Probabile auto citazione di una delle prime storiche puntate di ER, Motherhood (episodio 24 della 1° stagione).


Le scelte musicali

Beth Orton

Oltre ad alcuni brani scelti tra i successi del momento, spesso di gruppi o cantanti noti solo negli USA la colonna sonora della 13° stagione di ER propone molte selezioni interessanti. Una buona attenzione è data alla scena inglese e irlandese, con il cantautore David Gray (White Ladder,1999, il suo album più noto sinora, gli altri brani sono ripresi da Life in slow Motion, un album più recente, del 2005) e con la ancora più raffinata Beth Orton (Central Reservation, Comfort of Strangers, la canzone scelta però non è uno dei successi della musicista, ma una cover di un brano dei Five Stairsteps, inserita nell'album War Child, pubblicato per sostenere la omonima organizzazione), o con i gruppi alternative Snow Patrol (Eyes Open) e trip-hop elettronici come il ben noto duo Goldfrapp (Felt Mountain, Supernature, da cui è tratto il brano selezionato). Dalla scena alternative americana provengono i modaioli The Killers (Sam's Town).

Raffinata e molto azzeccata la scelta di proporre una delle più belle canzoni di Joni Mitchell (a chiusura di una delle puntate più belle della serie) in una cover molto riuscita della cantante canadese (come la Mitchell, e molto popolare in USA)
Sarah McLachlan (Surfacing, 1997, Wintersong, 2006, da cui è tratta la cover), che restituisce un arrangiamento ricco e accattivante ad un brano che la Mitchell aveva deciso proporre, nel suo famoso album Blue, accompagnandosi solo al pianoforte. A dispetto del titolo il brano parla del Natale ed è quindi del tutto coerente con la puntata suddetta.

Altre scelte sono obbligate o coerenti con la situazione, dal classico della musica disco di KC & The Sunshine Band (la stessa utilizzata anche in Forrest Gump) al celebre brano dei Clash, i portabandiera del punk-rock combattente.
Senza sorprese, ai limiti del colpo basso il brano che chiude la serie, la eccezionale cover di
Jeff Buckey di Hallelujah, la bellissima composizione di Leonard Cohen, un classico del cantautore e poeta canadese.


Le stagioni precedenti

Dott. Luka Kovac (Goran Visnjic)

Season 12 (2005-2006 USA / 2006 Italia)

-  SMOKEY ROBINSON - Tracks of My Tears - appeared in Cañon City
-  BRENDA LEE - Emotions - appeared in Cañon City
-  THE FRAY - Over My Head (Cable Car) - appeared in Man With No Name
-  JAMES BLUNT - You're Beautiful - appeared in Wake Up
-  HARRY NILSSON - Coconut - appeared in Dream House
-  AMOS LEE - Seen It All Before - appeared in Dream House
-  BARRY MANILOW - Can't Smile Without You - appeared in I Do
-  BARRY MANILOW - Copacabana - appeared in I Do
-  THE BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA - Jingle Bell Rock - appeared in All About Christmas Eve
-  YVETTE FREEMAN & SCOTT GRIMES - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - performed in All About Christmas Eve
-  ELVIS PRESLEY - Blue Christmas - appeared in If Not Now
-  (Unknown Artist) - Auld Lang Syne - appeared in If Not Now
-  DAMIEN RICE - Cold Water - appeared in If Not Now
-  LOU BETTY JR. - Many Rivers to Cross - performed in Quintessence of Dust
-  LUCIOUS - Knocking On Heaven's Door - appeared in Darfur
-  CORINNE BAILEY RAE - Trouble Sleeping - appeared in Strange Bedfellows
-  CARY BROTHERS - Ride - appeared in Strange Bedfellows
-  THE BEACH BOYS - California Girls - appeared in No Place to Hide
-  SONNY AND CHER - I Got You Babe - appeared in No Place to Hide
-  EMMANUEL JAL - Gua - appeared in There Are No Angels Here
-  KAYNE WEST featuring JAMIE FOXX - Golddigger - appeared in The Gallant Hero & The Tragic Victor
-  SNOW PATROL - Open Your Eyes - appeared in 21 Guns

Dott.ssa Kerry Weaver (Laura Innes)

Season 11 (2004-2005 USA / 2005 Italia)

-  NORAH JONES - The Long Day Is Over - appeared in Damaged
-  THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS - Where Do I Begin - appeared in An Intern's Guide to the Galaxy
-  THE ROLLING STONES - Out of Time - appeared in Time of Death
-  STEELERS WHEEL - Stuck In The Middle With You - appeared in Back In The World
-  GREEN DAY - Give Me Novocaine - appeared in Back In The World
-  RACHAEL YAMAGATA - I'll Find A Way - appeared in Back In The World
-  PINK - Trouble - appeared in You Are Here
-  HOWIE DAY - Collide - appeared in The Show Must Go On
-  LYNYRD SKYNYRD - Freebird - appeared in The Show Must Go On


Season 10 (2003-2004 USA / 2004 Italia)

-  BILL WITHERS - Use Me - appeared in Dear Abby
-  Panjabi MC & Jay-Z - Beware
-  Here With Me - Dido
-  BOB MARLEY - Jammin' - appeared in Shifts Happen
-  TONE LUC - Wild Thing - appeared in Shifts Happen
-  ALICIA BRIDGES - I Love The Night Life - appeared in Shifts Happen
-  JOSS STONE - Super Duper Love - appeared in Missing
-  PUNJABI MC featuring JAY-Z - Beware of the Boys (Remix) - appeared in Makemba
-  DIDO - Here With Me - appeared in Impulse Control
-  STEELERS WHEEL - Stuck In The Middle - appeared in Blood Relations
-  PROBOT - Shake Your Blood - appeared in Drive


Season 9 (2002-2003 USA / 2003 Italia)

-  GOO GOO DOLLS - Think About Me - appeared in Dead Again
-  TRACY CHAPMAN - The Promise - appeared im A Hopeless Wound
-  DIXIE CHICKS - Long Time Gone - appeared in One Can Only Hope
-  NORAH JONES - Shoot the Moon - appeared in Tell Me Where It Hurts
-  MAROON 5 - Harder to Breathe - appeared in Next of Kin
-  JASON MRAZ - The Remedy (I Won't Worry) - appeared in A Saint in the City
-  COLDPLAY - Clocks - appeared in No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
-  BEACH BOYS - Good Vibrations - appeared in A Thousand Cranes
-  AC/DC - Highway to Hell - appeared in Finders Keepers
-  ANNIE LENNOX - The Saddest Song I've Got - appeared in Things Change


Season 8 (2001-2002 USA / 2002 Italia)








Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Carter was listening to this in his headset as he is lounging in Gamma's yard




Short Skirt, Long Jacket

Abby removed and took with her as she packed her things to leave.



Abandoned Pools


This was playing in Rachel's cassette player, which Mark told her it was too loud and then removed it




Everybody Got Their Something




Rupert Holmes

Escape (The Pina Colada Song)

Elevator music that was playing as Malucci flirted with a paramedic



Looking Glass

Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)

Elevator music



Nikka Costa

Everybody Got Their Something



Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain

Randy Newman

I Think It's Going To Rain Today

Kerry has just saved a pregnant woman and her new born baby's life


Beyond Repair

Lo Fidelity All Stars

Battle Flag

Carter sees his attacker, Paul Sobricki, back in the ER.


Damage is Done


Get the Party Started

Elizabeth checked on Rachel as she was watching Ella


A Simple Twist of Fate

Five For Fighting

Easy Tonight

This was playing in the bar when Luka went to beat up Brian for beating up Abby


It's All in Your Head

Dean Martin

Ain't That a Kick in the Head

This was playing when Mark was in New York to see Dr. Burke about his brain tumor


Secrets and Lies

Duke Ellington

Prelude to a Kiss

Susan and Carter decide to just be friends, which gives him the opportunity to go after Abby


Brothers and Sisters



Susan found out that Chloe left again with Suzy (at the end of the episode)



Barenaked Ladies

If I Had $1000000



On The Beach

John Lennon


Rachel and Mark were driving around in Hawaii



Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World

Uno dei momenti più noti e struggenti della lunghissima serie è sottolineata da questa singolare cover della canzone cantata da Judy Garland nel film il mago di Oz. L'interprete è un cantante delle Hawaii dalla voce singolare ed espressiva, e la scelta non è casuale. Come noto, il dottor Mark Ciccio Green, gravemente malato, si è dedicato nei suoi ultimi mesi di vita a recuperare il rapporto difficile con la figlia adolescente Rachel, portandola a vivere nelle isole del Pacifico dove era cresciuto, figlio di un militare USA.




Crawling in the Dark

This was playing when Mark arrived home from his last shift in the ER and went up to check on Rachel, who fell a sleep while listening to this



Todd Rundgren

Hello, It's Me

Rachel and Mark were driving around in Hawaii



Linkin Park

One Step Closer

Rachel is listening to this song, until Mark turns it off to speak with her about her drug abuse.



Abandoned Pools

The Remedy

When Rachel cries sitting in front of her bed


Season 7 (2000-2001 USA / 2002 Italia )








Sand and Water

Beth Nielsen Chapman

Sand and Water

A stressful day ends ends with a shared sundae


Mars Attacks

Thievery Corporation


Carter takes a deep breath before entering County


Benton Backwards

Miles Davis

Blue in Green

Benton at Cleo's apartment


Rescue Me

Fontella Bass

Rescue Me

Kerry sings in the shower before getting together with Kim



Elvis Presley

It's Now or Never

A patient sings in chairs while sitting next to Abby's mom



Elvis Presley

Are You Lonesome Tonight?

A patient in chairs sings again


The Greatest of Gifts

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The First Noel

Carter goes home after a long day at work, but comes back when Deb gives birth



Bette Midler

Baby Mine

The adoptive mother of Chen's baby sings


Piece of Mind



When the father, Dan Harris and his son, Paul, are arguing in their vehicle, right before they were hit by the garbage truck


Rock, Paper, Scissors


How Sweet it is to Be Loved By You

Kerry and Kim at Doc Magoo's



Amanda Ghost

Silver Lining

Kerry had a bad day at work and seeks consolation


Thy Will Be Done


Hanging By A Moment

Abby gets ready for a night out with Carter




World Looking In

Carter at Abby's (while she's changing) and he's fumbling around with the dead flowers


A Walk in the Woods


Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring

Luka watches the Bishop begin a ceremony



Gregorian Chant

Veni Creator





Litany of Saints



The Crossing


Litany of Saints

The scene changes back and forth from the Bishop in the church to Luka trying to revive his daughter


Witch Hunt



Carter and Rena at Doc Magoo's


Survival of the Fittest

Papa Roach

Last Resort

Played over a teenager's cell phone



The Turtles

Happy Together

Mark spoon feeds Elizabeth her ice cream dessert sent from Romano


April Showers


Trumpet Voluntary



Sailing Away


Come Sail Away

Mark works on a mobile for the new baby when Elizabeth interrupts him with a page



Kristin Hersh


Playing while Abby and Carter drive to Oklahoma until they reach the hotel where Maggie is staying at



David Gray





Cat Stevens

Oh Very Young





Hanging By A Moment

Carter and Ab


Fear of Commitment

Cowboy Junkies

Good Friday

Abby takes her smoking break



The Bangles

I Will Take Care of You



Season 6 (1999 USA / 2000 Italia)








Truth and Consequences

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

I Second That Emotion

Elaine and Carter at Doc Macgoos as she says thank you and goodbye


Great Expectations

Bruce Cockburn

Wondering Where the Lions Are

Carol going to and from work before she delivers her twins


How the Finch Stole Christmas

Christmas Carol

Sleigh Ride

At the beginning when Carol is at home preparing Christmas dinner and talking to her mom on the phone about the twins



John Lennon

Happy Xmas (War is Over)

At the end, when Lucy is at Valerie Page's bedside


Be Still My Heart


The Surry with the Fringe on Top

Mark sings while shaving



Frank Sinatra

My Kind of Town

Sung by a man when Elizabeth, Mark, David, and Isabelle go out to dinner together



Kingston Trio

They Call the Wind Mariah (Paint Your Wagon)

David Greene sings karaoke, impressing Elizabeth's mom




I Remember it Well

David and Isabelle sing together




Lo-Fidelity Allstars


Carter gets stabbed by Sobriki


All in the Family

Billy Joel


Mark and Corday get the bad news while doing karaoke



Spiral Starecase

More Today Than Yesterday

Dave and Randi dancing



Rufus & Chaka Khan

Tell Me Something Good

Dave and Jing Mei come into Doc Magoo's




Samba Pa Ti

Doctors and nurses gather at Doc Magoo's after Lucy's died



Procol Harum

A Whiter Shade of Pale

Chuny tells the staff the bad news


Be Patient

Nat King Cole


At the beginning when Elizabeth comes home and sees her mother with David Greene (Mark's father)


Under Control

Annette Hanshaw

I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby

Carol sings to her babies over the phone during a trauma



Simon & Garfunkel


Mark & his dad spend quality time together


Viable Options

Angie Stone

My Life Story

Cleo works out in her apartment



The Muppets

Rockin' Robin

Sung by the muppets on a TV that Kerry's patient is watching


Match Made in Heaven

Stevie Wonder

Isn't She Lovely

Carol is feeding the twins at Doc Magoos and Luka helps her


The Fastest Year

Simon & Garfunkel




Such Sweet Sorrow


Letting the Cables Sleep

A glimpse at the loneliness that greets Carter, Carol, and Abby in the early morning



Don Henley

Taking You Home

Carol reunites with Doug (Carol vola incontro a Doug)


(Fonte 9-12: Wikipedia / Gli elenchi di brani sono una sintesi non completa di quanto utilizzato nelle varie stagioni, Fonte: 1-8: sito The Longue, ripreso dal forum Sala visita 1)


Season 5 (1998 USA)








Day for Knight


Samba Pa Ti

Lucy's first day

Split Second

John Coltrane


Peter plays this for Reese after learning he might be deaf

They Treat Horses, Don't They?

Jimmy Smith


Carter and Roxanne dance in his room

Vanishing Act

Brenton Wood

The Oogum Boogum Song

Carol and Doug relax in lounge chairs and talk children


Rob Zombie


Med students get out of hand, throwing flaming furniture out the window


Isaac Hayes


Benton divulges to Elizabeth who he really wanted to be as a kid



Every Day is Halloween

When Carter (and the viewer) gets his first look at the party.

Stuck On You 

Betty Carter

I Can't Help It

Carter goes to Kerry's looking to room

Hazed and Confused 

Grace Jones

Ring of Fire

Carter wakes up to Kerry's music

The Good Fight

The Drifters

Under the Boardwalk

Carter and Lucy find Nelson at Doc Magoo's


The Miracle Worker

Xmas Carol

O Come, All Ye Faithful a Jason rip

During the closing sequence


Nobody Doesn't Like Amanda Lee

Sheryl Crow

My Favorite Mistake

Carter and Roxanne are in bed and Roxanne discovers the bandage from Carter's TB Test


Double Blind

David Bowie

Space Oddity

Jerry plays as Dr. Greene decides whether or not to join NASA


Double Blind


Master of Puppets

Played at the desk at the beginning, Lynette comments on how Metallica is banned in her house


Double Blind


Bang On

When Jerry is asked if the siren is in the music or outside


Choosing Joi

Martha Reeves and the Vandellas

Heat Wave

Kerry and Elizabeth are at Doc Magoo's, discussing the sexual harrassment charges against Romano


The Storm Pt. 1

Sheryl Crow


Carter and Lucy share a moment


The Storm Pt. 1

Earth, Wind, and Fire


Doug and Jeanie in Doug's car before they crash


Season 4 (1997 USA)







Fathers and Sons

Allman Brothers Band

 Pony Boy

Beginning of the episode

Fathers and Sons

Gregg Allman

 Queen of Hearts

In the car, after Doug and Mark have quarrelled about fathers not loving their boys

Fathers and Sons

Dave Brubeck

 Take Five

Doug's dad's car starts singing to him

Freak Show

Etta James

 At Last

Mark and Cynthia get down and dirty


Do You See What I See?

Gladys Knight & the Pips

 Do You Hear What I Hear?

A montage at the end


Sharp Relief

Tears for Fears

 Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Peter and Elizabeth throw darts together


Sharp Relief

Frank Sinatra

 That's Life

Peter and Elizabeth dance in a bar


Sharp Relief

Martha Reeves and the Vandellas

 Heat Wave

Doug discusses his plans to elope to Mark, while at Doc Magoo's


Carter's Choice

Smash Mouth

 Walkin' on the Sun

Carter walks to work


A Bloody Mess

Tori Amos


County's girls have fun


Gut Reaction

Dean Martin

 That's Amore

County sings at a banquet


Gut Reaction

Buster Poindexter

 Hot Hot Hot

Played at a banquet


Gut Reaction

Green Day

 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Jeanie and Scott Anspaugh


Shades of Gray

Green Day

 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Jeanie and Scott Anspaugh


Shades of Gray

Judy Collins

 Simple Gifts

Jeanie sings in the shower, preparing for Scott's funeral


Shades of Gray

Aretha Franklin

 Night Life

Before Peter and Corday get down and dirty


Season 3 (1996 USA)


3.02  Let the Games Begin

Gene Chandler - Duke of Earl
County celebrates their jobs

Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild
when Carol's riding Mark's motorcycle

 3.04  Last Call

Martina McBride - Wild Angels
Jeanie dances with Mickey

 3.05  Ghosts

The Searchers - Love Potion
Haleh sings at the Halloween party

Ella Fitzgerald - Bewitched
Haleh croons some more while Mark and Susan dance

 3.06  Fear of Flying

Little Eva - Locomotion
Doug sees Carol being tutored by William at Doc Magoo's

 3.07  No Brain, No Gain

Fats Domino - My Blue Heaven
Anspaugh, Okida, and Carter do karaoke

 3.10  Homeless For The Holidays

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas
The beginning when Jeanie meets Kerry at Doc Magoo's

 3.13  Fortunes Fools

Sublime - What I Got
Mark is in a bar with Heather (one of the three people he dated simultaneously)

 3.14  Whose 'Appy Now?

Richard Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries
Carters special music while operating on Benton

Bobby Darin - Mack the Knife
More of Carter operating on Benton

 3.16  Faith

Gloria Estefan - Conga
Nurses celebrate new contracts

 3.19  Calling Dr. Hathaway

Elvis Costello - Everyday I Write the Book
Nurses night out

 3.21  Make a Wish

Allan Sherman - Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh
Doug and Carol sing to a little boy

Better Than Ezra - Desperately Wanting
Doug throws Carol a surprise birthday party

 3.22  One More for the Road

Kid Frost - La Raza
Mark threated by some guys on the el


Season 2 (1995 USA)


2.03  Do One, Teach One, Kill One

George and Ira Gerswhin - I'm A Poached Egg
The song Mitchell (the rabbit guy) kept singing

 2.05  And Baby Makes Two

Gospel - O Happy Day
County parties on Weaver's day off

 2.07  Hell and High Water

Major Lance - Um, Um, Um
Doug listens to some music in his car

 2.09  Home

R.B. Greaves - Take a Letter, Maria
Shep and Carol look for the fireplace

 2.10  A Miracle Happens Here

Christmas Carol - Carol of the Bells
Sung by the hospital's recovery staff

Christmas Carol - Twelve Days of Christmas
Sung by Carol and eventually the rest of the ER staff

Christmas Carol - Silent Night

Lullaby - Rock a Bye Baby

(hip hop Christmas song)
Carol's alarm

Mike Finnegan - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Played at the end

 2.17  The Match Game

George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Bad to the Bone
Mark comes into work on his motorcycle

 2.21  Take These Broken Wings

Beatles - Blackbird
Susan with Little Susie

Choir - Salve Mater Maternis
Susan in church

 2.22  John Carter, M.D.

Sly & The Family Stone - If You Want Me to Stay
County grooves

Carousel - June is Busting Out All Over
Sung by a nude woman in the middle of the ER


Season 1 (1994 USA)








24 Hours (Pilot)

Annie Lennox


Carter witnesses a birth 



Level 42

Are You Hearing (What I Hear)?


Jimi Hendrix

Killing Floor

Played on the radio


Danny Boy (Irish traditional)

Sung by Dr. Ross, stumbling drunk in the ER

Going Home

Rosemary Clooney

 Time Flies

 When Carol first returns to the ER after her suicide attempt



Frank Sinatra

 Nice 'N Easy

 Sung by Madame X (Rosemary Clooney) and her granddaughter


Day One

Sammy Davis Jr.

That Old Black Magic

Sung by a man to his dying wife


How the Finch Stole Christmas

Christmas Carol

Sleigh Ride

At the beginning when Carol is at home preparing Christmas dinner and talking to her mom on the phone about the twins



Dean  Martin

His Eye is on the Sparrow

Sung by Haleh to calm a little girl in the middle of the busy ER



Peggy Lee

Jingle Bells (I Like A Sleigh-Ride)

Patrick comes into the ER


The Gift

Lesley Gore

It's My Party

Mark, Haleh, and Lydia sing this with a patient to calm her down



Rosemary Clooney

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Sung by Rosemary Clooney at end of episode


Deck the Halls (rock version)

Party at Carol's place


We Three Kings

Rosemary Clooney and Patrick sing to a child in the ER



Rosemary Clooney

By Myself

Rosemary Clooney checking into the ER


Full Moon, Saturday Night

Isley Bros

Twist & Shout

Carter dedicates the song to Susan


Men Plan, God Laughs

Major Lance

Um, Um, Um

Peter and Jeanie talking in a restaurant





Chloe gives birth to Little Susie


Everything Old is New Again 



Carol's would be wedding


La colonna sonora originale


Il tema musicale di ER (la sigla iniziale) è stato composto da James Newton Howard. E' stato pubblicato da tempo su CD un estratto della musica originale strumentale composta per il serial (ER: Original Television Theme Music And Score):

1. Theme From ER - performed by James Newton Howard
2. Dr. Lewis and Renee from The Birthday Party
3. Canine Blues from Make Of Two Hearts
4. Goodbye Baby Susie from Fever Of Unknown Origin
5. Doug And Carol from The Gift
6. Healing Hands - performed by Marc Cohn
7. The Hero from Hell And High Water
8. Carter, See You Next Fall from Everything Old Is New Again
9. Reasons For Living - performed by Duncan Sheik
10. Dr. Greene And A Mother`s Death from Loves Labor Lost
11. Raul Dies from The Healers
12. Hell And High Water from Hell And High Water
13. Hold On from Hell And High Water
14. Shep Arrives from The Healers
15. Shattered Glass from Hell And High Water
16. Theme From ER (TV Version) - performed by James Newton Howard
17. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear - performed by Mike Finnigan


ER, gli altri medical dramas e RAI 2


Maura Tierney - Abigail "Abby" Lockart

« ... La 13a stagione della migliore fiction televisiva di tutti i tempi, trasmessa in USA l'anno scorso, è finalmente nel palinsesto di RAI 2, il venerdì sera. ... Da tempo immemorabile, dagli inizi con Clooney nella parte del pediatra della Emergency Room, il telefilm viene trasmesso, infatti, da RAI 2 con un atteggiamento strano, sembra che lo sopporti, come una specie di tassa ineluttabile. Ad esempio evita qualsiasi annuncio e qualsiasi promozione. Mentre per i mediocri serial Lost e Desperate Housewife e per l'appena discreto Ghost Whisperer fa una promozione continua, praticamente ad ogni interruzione pubblicitaria, la ripartenza di ER avviene sempre a sorpresa.

... Molti seguono i suoi molti derivati, la pallida e sfocata serie Grey's Anatomy, la parodia di Scrubs (su MTV) e soprattutto il Dr. House.
Ma ER è un’altra cosa, la realtà che arriva sullo schermo, chiaramente compressa nei tempi per ovvi motivi di mantenimento dell’attenzione degli ascoltatori, ma i medici sbagliano, gli interventi a volte non vanno bene, le persone si comportano a volte in modo corretto e a volte no, non ci sono i buoni e cattivi per definizione. La regia è sempre ottima e a volte eccellente, ci sono state puntate eccezionali come quella del mesto congedo di “Ciccio” (il dottor Green), le musiche scelte con raffinatezza, come appunto Somewhere Over the Rainbow nella interpretazione di Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (per la suddetta indimenticabile puntata) ... »
Leggi tutto


Fonti e riferimenti per saperne di più


Il sito ufficiale della NBC (la rete televisiva USA che produce la serie):
Il forum italiano dedicato a ER
Il forum italiano dedicato ai medical drama (Sala visita 1 è su ER, Sala visita 2 su Dr. House, Sala visita 3 su Grey's Anatomy)
Il forum dedicato a ER su

(Queste erano le fonti attive quando la serie finiva, nel 2009, ora molti link sono cambiati e bisogna cercarle per vedere se sono ancora presenti, usando queste frasi chiave)


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